Ronnie’s Story


After raising and dressing three children – shopping, traveling, and browsing for sales – Ronell Somerville became an expert in fashion and function. Ronell knew what she wanted, and how far she would travel to get the latest fashion at the right price for her kids.

“My children would always be complimented when they went to school at Grandview Elementary School,” said Somerville about her experience raising her children in Allentown. “I am an entrepreneur, so it didn’t take long for me to realize the market for fashionable children’s clothing in the area.”

“La Petit Armoire”, or little wardrobe, brings the latest children’s fashion to Pittsburgh. “We have a unique, classic line of clothes that you won’t find just anywhere. Our fashion is trendy, yet affordable, and won’t be something you can buy at department stores.”

“La Petit Armoire” is Ronell’s second entrepreneurial endeavor. After running a Certified Nurse’s Assistant business for four years, Ronell is marrying her business sense with her passion for trendy fashion. “We will style your children for any event and guarantee that they will stand out.” The sunny boutique on East Warrington Avenue is complete with unique and hard to find retail items.